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While on my trip to Koh Samui, the villa I had rented had an outdoor jacuzzi right on the patio. First thing I did was strip down to my tiny bikini and head straight to that hot tub. I know I gave one of my neighbors a shock when they looked over and saw my g string buns frolicking against the jets! Well, It’s outdoors, what am I supposed to do? Wink!



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The Beach at Sunset

Today we did a whole new photoset of me at sunset on the beach. It was amazing outside and I loved the feel of the salt water. Come see me at the beach by going to my site




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Back in Pattaya

Well after being in Bangkok for a week, its good to be back. I’m back on the streets of Pattaya and its been such a good time. Come see all the pictures at




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Out with the Ladies

The other ngiht I decided to go out with the girls. I thought it would be neat to take pictures of the night. Come tell me what you think at my website


Motor Bike


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Manila is such a magical and mystical city. It is the perfect combination of old and new. Beautiful churches that sit side by side with modern skyscrapers. I love to stay in the highest hotel I can find and overlooking this majestic city. It is such a trip looking down at the houses and cars, which only appear as tiny specks below. I remember when I was young and wanted so bad to be up living in the clouds.

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Pretty in pearls

This weekend is going to be very special. I have the honor of attending the wedding of a close childhood friend. She has met the love of her life and they are going to wed this Sunday! When she asked me to be in the bridal party, of course I accepted. Their wedding colors are gold and white, so I knew the perfect addition to my gown. Do you think I made a good choice?

I think so! Come get to know me!

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Stares n Stairs

It was late in the afternoon and I was getting ready for a night out at the discos and looked at myself in the mirror! I almost felt TOO sexy! My little brown buns were about a centimeter from pouring out of my tiny denim shorts. The matching hot pink boots and top were sure to attract attention. I knew I would be giving quite a thrill when I walked up the stairways to my favorite clubs.

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Nickel nice

I bought this cute shiny outfit on one of my shopping sprees in Bangkok. I love the way it catches the light and shows off my body. If I bend over just a little you can see I do not have panties on under my very short skirt. Of course I love to tease so sitting down shows what goodies I have for you. My nipples get hard thinking of what you are thinking of doing to me so I slide that shiny top down over them to reveal my soft mounds and erect nipples. Then it isn’t long before I stand before you nude posing to let your eyes take in the beauty of my tender, lean body that soon will be snuggling up to you. I can see the bulge in your pants and know you are ready for me.

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Heads Or Tails

There is something so sexy about pigtails. Whenever I head out with my hair in them, I notice even more looks from the guys! I think they can imagine that they’re behind me, holding a pigtail in each hand as they ride me. Hey, maybe that’s what I’m thinking! This is one of my favorite club looks. I can’t wait to head out tonight and dance the night away!

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Fresh friends

My friend and I were out for dinner and drinks and we got to talking about what I do for my website. I tried to explain to her what I do and how horny it makes me. She just thought it was silly of me to get horny with no one else around. After a few more drinks she decided she would like to try some photos and off we go back to my place. She looked so afraid when the camera started clicking I just had to come to her rescue. What a great photo shoot for both of us.

Come inside and see all of th ehot fun we had!

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Color curious

Few things feel better than a soothing ocean cross breeze. It was early afternoon when I noticed an outfit I sitting in the back of my dresser. I had only worn it once before, when I tried it on at the store. I recall wanting to slip it off during that photo set. Now I get my chance!

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Just jammies

You want to know what I really wear when I sleep? On nights that are particularly chilly, I love to slip into my pair of white jammies. I’ll make a little bowl of popcorn and curl up on the couch watching a late night movie. Then I might head out on the lanai and enjoy the cool ocean breeze. Sometimes it’s more of what you can’t see than what you can.

Want to cum tuck me in?

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Crimped and Curled

Nothing makes a woman feel more like a woman than when she takes the time for herself to “get pretty”. I went to the salon today and had my hair and make up done. On the way home all the guys were winking and flirting with me. I got home and felt so horny and sexy that I just had to strip off my clothes and pose for the camera. You know what happens after I get naked all by myself. *wink*

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Rock on

It was early morning and I was feeling particularly frisky. I had gone out dancing the night before and had a wonderful time. However, the power went out in the disco I was at so it became an early evening. So when the warm sun woke me up, I looked over at the boots that were sitting next to the bed and had an idea.

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Manila motel

It was about noon and I had just arrived in Manila. The flight from Bangkok was a bit rough as there were thunderstorms when we were leaving. I was SO thankful to finally touch ground. The excitement of thinking I was going to die got me really horny! So I wanted to make sure I had AT LEAST once more orgasm!

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